Welcome to Secfo IRC

A small independant IRC network, that we created with security and privacy in mind. The IRC network is not run by projects that host their irc channels here, but people that dedicate their time to keep it running. We are very security and privacy minded, so for all we do, we keep security and privacy as an top priority.

Feel free to create your own irc channel for your community here. If you need help with registering a channel or a nick with us, you are welcome to come by #help and get assistance..

IRC network setup

  • UnrealIRCd.
  • Anope IRC Services.
  • UnrealIRCd and Anope modules.
  • BOPM open proxy monitor.
  • KiwiIRC web client.
  • Debian and Centos servers.
  • IRC based logs disabled for better privacy.
  • Passwords are encryped.
  • IP's and hosts are cloaked.
  • Vhost enabled for extended privacy.
  • Tor access. *Being set up*
  • IPv6 access. *Work in progress*